One of many fantastic services that your Bond Street Optician can offer you.

 If you are unable to get out of the house the NHS will fund our visit to you.[Subject to certain conditions] and we will offer you the same service you could get by visiting us in Bond Street.

 All our current offers will be available to you and if you are in receipt of certain benefits some of our spectacles are supplied FREE to you.

One call – and we can do it all!

We Can Now Check Your Hearing As Well As Your Eyesight

The Bond Street Optician is proud to offer a Hearing Healthcare Service for all their valued patients and families. Our unique partnership with Regional Hearing Services offers you FREE HEARING CONSULTATIONS and a continued range of hearing services that include:-

  • FREE Hearing Tests
  • FREE Advice
  • FULL Aftercare Service
  • LIVE Demonstrations of the very latest digital technology

 So, just one call to us on (01209) 216900 and we do the rest, it really is that simple

The Bond Street Optician